Education news, analysis, and opinion about the content standards students are measured against in school.
  • Standards News in Brief Changes to Social Study Standards In Michigan Reversed After Outcry
    Back is Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech. Back is Roe v. Wade. Back is climate change. and the word "democratic." A new proposal incorporating those revisions was presented to the Michigan board of education last week.
    Tribune News Service, April 16, 2019
    1 min read
    Dave Cutler for Education Week/Getty
    Standards Opinion Did the Common Core Kill Classroom Assessment?
    New standards may be more rigorous, but they've created a widening gulf between large-scale and classroom assessment, argues Gregory J. Cizek.
    Gregory J. Cizek, April 15, 2019
    5 min read
    Standards Science Curriculum Reviews Are Out, and Results Aren't Great
    Of the six series reviewed for their quality and how well they aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards, EdReports gave just one top marks.
    Stephen Sawchuk, February 28, 2019
    10 min read
    Standards Common-Core Testing 2.0: Get Updated in 7 Questions
    The PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments have evolved since they were launched in 2015. Here's a guide to understanding them now.
    Catherine Gewertz, February 26, 2019
    2 min read
    Standards Report Roundup Homework
    Much of the homework students are asked to do aligns to the Common Core State Standards, finds a new analysis from the Center for American Progress—but it overwhelmingly focuses on rote learning.
    Stephen Sawchuk, February 26, 2019
    1 min read
    Standards Is Homework Valuable or Not? Try Looking at Quality Instead
    Although homework does tend to align to standards, a lot of it is busywork, rather than requiring students to use higher-order thinking skills.
    Stephen Sawchuk, February 13, 2019
    4 min read
    Standards Bible Study Bill Kicks Up Controversy in N.D.
    Advocates worry that the fine line separating devotional from secular study of the Bible is again being crossed, this time in a North Dakota proposal.
    Stephen Sawchuk, January 16, 2019
    2 min read
    Christophe Vorlet for Education Week
    Standards Opinion What Betsy DeVos Can Learn From Bush-Obama School Reform
    There are four practical lessons for avoiding past administrations' education pitfalls, write Fredrick M. Hess and Michael Q. McShane.
    Rick Hess & Michael McShane, October 22, 2018
    5 min read
    Standards Letter to the Editor A New Model for Teacher-Prep
    To the Editor:
    A recent article about teacher-prep standards ("Colleges Grapple With Teacher-Prep Standards," August 29, 2018) reports that teacher-prep programs are still grappling with CAEP Standard 4, which measures the program's impact on P-12 student learning and development. However, over the past eight years, we at Miami University have developed and validated a simple, cost-effective way to meet parts of this standard.
    September 25, 2018
    1 min read
    Standards Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Vows to Stop Common Core
    Republican gubernatorial nominee Ron DeSantis is renewing a political trend that had fallen dormant: calling for the end of the use of the shared standards.
    Stephen Sawchuk, September 18, 2018
    3 min read
    Standards Opinion What Teachers Tell Us About the Connections Between Standards, Curriculum, and Professional Learning
    A statewide survey of educators in Tennessee provides critical insights into connections that exist between standards, curriculum, professional development, and ultimately student success.
    Urban Education Contributor, September 17, 2018
    5 min read
    Standards Report Roundup Standards and Curricula
    More than a third of the 30 biggest school districts in the United States are not using any math or English/language arts curricula that are rated highly for alignment to state standards, a new study from the Center for American Progress finds.
    Michele Molnar, September 4, 2018
    1 min read
    Standards Opinion Arne Duncan's Take on School Reform: Read It!
    Marc Tucker reflects on what we can learn about systems reform from the former Secretary's new book.
    Marc Tucker, August 30, 2018
    11 min read
    Standards Do States Weaken Their Standards By 'Un-Adopting' the Common Core? These Reviewers Think So.
    The English/language arts and math standards in most states that "un-adopted" or tweaked the Common Core State Standards are, in the end, "substantially weaker," according to the latest review of state standards from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute.
    Brenda Iasevoli, August 22, 2018
    6 min read
    Standards Opinion The Testing Tragedy
    Marc Tucker discusses the importance of getting testing right now that the number of PARCC and Smarter Balanced states have declined significantly.
    Marc Tucker, July 18, 2018
    11 min read